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My father is the man I respect most. Stern as he may be, he never fails to show his care and consideration. Once I broke a neighbor's window. Seeing nobody around, I ran away immediately. When Dad came home, he noticed my uneas...


1、I promise I will respect your idea. 2、就对联合王国来说,这是对的。(短语in respect of ,关于,涉及,就。。。。。。来说)

翻译如下 respect一般不可以做信任解释 vt.尊重;尊敬;关心;遵守 n.敬意;尊重,恭敬;某方面 例句 Carl had asked him to visit the hospital and to pay his respects to Francis. 卡尔已经让他去医院看望弗朗西斯。

We deeply respect her courage.

..., especially in/about/regarding food

you ear nres pect 你的耳朵各方面

show respect to others

都用in In this respect we are very fortunate. 在这方面,我们是很幸运的。 in all/some/many respects 在各个/某些/许多方面 in respect of something with respect to something ========== We love the valley in all its aspects. 我们...

Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes and contains the entire agreement and understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and any representations, warranties, undertakings or agreements made betw...


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